Saturday, November 1, 2008

Scrabble tile pendants

I just got my Scrabble tile pendants from Home Studio in the mail. They are perfect! So well done! They are having a great sale: 4 pendants for $25 or 4 pendants and chains for $35.

At left is my favorite. I'm giving away the other three as gifts. Sterling chains at Home Studio are only $5, which is a great price.

The chain I got was superb, looks just like the one in the photo. It takes a great eye to pair the chain to a pendant. It's a subtle but important, and they do a great job!

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Krisha said...

OK. I have to say this beautiful pendant, which arrived in perfect condition, has in less than a week become unwearable. I did not get it wet. I wore it to bed one night, I admit. But the finish is fading and cloudy. I'm really disappointed because these pendants are too cute.